Apprenticeship as IT specialist for application development in Hanover

  • AdPoint GmbH
  • Sokelant Street 5 30165 Hanover
  • Nov 05, 2018

Job Description

We, the AdPoint GmbH

We are specialists in search engine advertising (SEA). That means, we help companies

any type and size of products or services to communicate sensibly in the digital world.

Our business model is designed for the success of our work. Let us do our job well,

this will be recognized and automatically distributed. We want to work together with you and your

We want to continue our training and be successful through the success of our customers.

What we stand for

Our work structure consists of two main pillars: good dealings with employees and good working conditions.

Dealing with customers. Because both are essential. If the staff were in a bad way, the

work and thus also directly affect our customers. If the customer would be dissatisfied, we would

this also has a negative effect on the atmosphere within our agency. That's why it's important to us

extremely important to find a healthy balance between both. We find laughing but also the necessary

Seriousness is important, a good mood is decisive for productivity, but everyone also has their own

bad day. We know how to take all this into account and work together as a team. Together

in high flight but also together in all other situations. We offer you help, but expect

also that you offer them.

IT specialists for application development are the foundation

The Internet enables us to do our work on a large scale. It is our most precious

resource and we have a considerable interest in protecting it. You, as a budding

IT specialist for application development, ensures that we work together and effectively

can work. Through your fundamental work we keep our systems up and running and

can fully fulfill our principle: customers in the success and growth of our company.

We invest in you.

We invest in you

Our training philosophy is based on trust. From the first day of your training

we give you a lot of it and transfer responsible tasks to you. That leaves you

grow, learn to deal with responsibility and appreciate trust. With us all play in the

the same team. This means that we help each other with our strengths to overcome our weaknesses.

to eradicate. This concept is a gain for everyone. Because if you are happy, it will increase your

Motivation for the team to work and everyone notices that. The mood is determined by each individual

a circle of positivity develops. And this has a direct effect on the work with

to our customers. We would like to continue this successful concept with you.

Now only you are missing

We, the AdPoint GmbH, hope that we agree with you. With us you will get daily new

Finding challenges that challenge you creatively and in a variety of ways. If you want to do this in a more pleasant,

in a transparent and committed environment, we look forward to receiving your application to the

Training as IT specialist for application development as PDF file.

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AdPoint GmbH

Managing Director Mr. Felix Wenzel

Sokelant Street 5

30165 Hanover

Phone: 0511 - 99987580

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Start Date

Nov 05, 2018

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